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Metrology Next Measure 3D

NextMeasure PLUS Version

The enhanced Plus Version of NextMeasure offers users a universal experience by allowing direct connection to any portable measuring device (arms, laser trackers, scanners) on the market without distinction of brand. NextMeasure Plus allows users to control parts using probing or scanning data to obtain the best quality of measurement. Without being an expert, users can carry out the simplest to the most complex measurement scenarios.

Including Freemium version

+ advanced functions:

  • All POD connections
  • Acquisition probing and scanning
  • CAD Transform
  • Leapfrog Alignment
  • Chat support
  • Possible Remote with AnyDesk

Complete with expert modules

Get expert 24h modules on demand

M1: Analysis


  • Detailed view 
  • Raw data information 
  • Update current view 
  • Automatic Stickers 
  • Full GD&T

M2: Adv Probe Inspection

  • Probing Assistance 
  • Build / Inspect

M3: Adv Cloud Inspection

  • Mesh Edit 
  • Point Cloud Filters
  • Automatic Point Cloud retrieve
  • Point Cloud Assembly 
  • Point Cloud Assistance
  • Export Point Clouds 

M4: Data Output and CAD Input

  • Native CAD Input

M5: Borrowing

  • Take advantage of the PLUS mode without internet connection

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